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Frequently asked questions

1. How will my customers purchase ebooks through my website?

Customers can browse your ebooks on the page of your website that has the Firsty Express site code added to it. Here they can add ebooks to their basket (Your Firsty Express basket will be different to any other basket that may be on your site, eg. the one your customers purchase print books from), view the basket, and proceed to checkout.

Customers will be notified in the basket that when they click 'Checkout' they will be directed to the Firsty Express external checkout process (powered by Firsty). They then need to create an account on the Firsty Express Platform, or log in if they have an account already, and they will be taken through a familiar checkout process.

Once a customer has purchased ebooks through the checkout process and via Sage Pay, they will be directed to a Checkout Success page which includes a button for them to download their ebook files.

2. How do I add Firsty Express to my website?

Click the sign-up link to register for the Firsty Express service. Then add your eBook products to your Firsty Express account and upload your eBook files. Finally add the Firsty Express site code, either by installing our Wordpress plug in to any Wordpress site, or by a simple copy/paste of the required code into any other website.

3. What are the technical requirements for running Firsty Express on my site?

Firsty Express is supported on the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge and Explorer 8 and above.

4. What discounts can I offer on my ebooks?

You can create vouchers but we don't currently offer discount on bundled products, for example, 3 for 2, BOGOF etc.

5. My customer can't open the ebook they purchased, what's wrong?

In most cases this is simply due to the fact that they haven't downloaded the correct software to read the files they have downloaded.

ePub files have Adobe Content Server DRM protection. The files customers download are actually not ePubs but .ACSM files, these can be opened with:

  • Adobe Digital Editions (for PC/Mac computers)
  • Bluefire Reader (for Apple/Android devices)
Double check that they've downloaded these programs. There are links to them in their account area, installing takes 2 minutes.

Users will also need an Adobe ID to read the Adobe DRM-protected files, but will be taken through the process of creating an Adobe ID when they have installed the above software.

Firewalls can prevent downloads from working. You can usually tell if you get a 'Time out' error. To fix this make sure you turn off your firewall temporarily.
6. What quantity of a certain ebook can a customer purchase?

A customer can purchase a maximum of 1 ebook of each title. They are able to download it up to three times. If they want to download it more than three times, they will have to purchase it again from your website.

7. What DRM types can I apply to my ebooks?

By default ePub titles use Adobe DRM. Titles with this DRM type can't be printed or copied. You also have the option for socially-watermarked MOBI files which will open on a Kindle. Alternatively you can disable DRM and provide the title in non-DRM ePub format.

8. How long will it take to set up Firsty Express on my site?

Typically installing Firsty Express takes around 15 minutes to set up and get on your site. If you wish, more time may be required for styling the page to fit in with the rest of the store (although you don't need to do this).